Started my new fitness program at Deep Creek Fitness

Working out at Deep Creek FitnessI have been feeling pretty tired and sluggish lately so I decided to join Deep Creek Fitness for their special of $90 for 3 months and I also signed my son up to and got a free month.  What a deal!! They are so convenient being located in McHenry and I can work out before-after or lunch time.  I have started a circuit training class with Jen Sober what an awesome class gets your heart rate up and you sweat like a pig but oh do you feel sooooooooooooooo good after words. I encourage everyone who needs a pick me up right now to join or just take Jens class it is worth it. My son who is twelve said he feels so much better after working out, Jen has set him up on a program with cardio and weight lifting he loves it.

About Debbie

I have been selling real estate in Garrett County Maryland and Surrounding West Virginia counties for years. I have a great relationship with all my clients. If you would like to work with me on any real estate adventure you might need, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can show you any property listed regardless of the listing company. Let me help you like I have helped many in the past.
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