Meet Debbie

When Debbie Beitzel sits down to help her son read a book, it may seem like just a quiet moment between a mother and child. Josh, Debbie’s son, struggles to make the words he sees into sounds, and Debbie encourages him to keep trying.

Moments that Matter

Josh has a disability called Apraxia that makes it harder for him to translate words into speech, but Debbie has taught him to never give up and to take things one word at a time. So every time they sit together and sound out each word of a story, Debbie and Josh are not only building memories together, but also the will to overcome a disability — both will have a lasting impression on his life.

The tireless effort Debbie puts into supporting and encouraging Josh’s growth is something she knows will leave an invaluable mark. Those who know Debbie see how making lasting impressions on people is something that just seems to come to her naturally. Her sense of old-fashioned family values
drives her to make a difference in the lives of families all over Garrett County.

Debbie and her family make the most of each day in Garrett County. Her husband, George, son Josh, and daughter Ashleigh, enjoy fishing, hunting, boating, board games and riding four-wheelers near their home.

Making Memories

Debbie knows how much joy her children get each time they go fishing in the local waters, and each year when the fishing rodeo comes around, Debbie goes into high gear to show her appreciation for her neighbors. Her own children get such a thrill out of each catch, and she makes sure every child in the rodeo has a great experience by collecting donations from the community so that each participant gets a prize. She goes out of her way to make sure that the event becomes a treasured memory for each child.

Debbie also contributes to her community through Habitat for Humanity, her children’s sports activities, and the PTA for her children’s schools. Josh and Debbie’s daughter, Ashleigh, join her in donating books to less fortunate children at Accident Elementary School each year to ensure that every child has the tools to read. In each area, it is her commitment to helping others make their own treasured memories that sets Debbie apart. This same giving spirit sets her apart in her career as well. Because so many treasured moments take place in a home, as a Realtor® Debbie makes it her personal goal to help families make the most of their moves in Garrett County.

Debbie takes great pride in helping people in the Deep Creek Lake area reach their real estate goals.

Dedicated to Your Dreams

Debbie’s dedication to helping people with their most valued investment means that she will simply not give up in her quest to make your real estate dreams come true. Whether you are looking to relocate to the Deep Creek Lake area or make a move within Garrett County, Debbie is the one to count on. Her extensive area and market knowledge will make the difference in your move.

In a place that is the perfect backdrop for making memories with the ones you care about, Debbie Beitzel is the perfect professional to call on for Moving Moments. She knows how important a move can be, and she does everything she can to make sure that the experience is enjoyable and successful. Call Debbie today to discuss your next move.